We have a new dynamic summary view that allows you to navigate through our Deals, Scorecards, or when reviewing your email campaigns. From any of these systems you can click on the Σ button to bring up the summary view. Within this view our data will be displayed in rows and columns.

Note: Startup and One-State plan customers will only see a single column of data

The first section we are going to review will be the Deals section. When clicking into the Summary View it will automatically show us a summary of the data by Assigned to for the rows and the Stages of the deal within the columns.

We can adjust what our rows and columns reflect by clicking on these two buttons. For our rows we can choose between Assigned To and Stages, and for our columns Stages and Closed status.

All of the numbers listed within the columns are clickable links we can utilize to dig further into the data.

Clicking any of these data points will bring us to a Table View of these items. We will see two additional filters in this view, the Dimensions which represent our rows, and Metrics which represent our column(s).

The next section we will review is the email campaigns section. We can access that by clicking onto Campaigns when highlighting Email or by selecting See my campaigns from the email dashboard then utilizing Σ button to bring up the Summary View.

The Summary View within the Campaigns section with automatically show us the data summarized by the From and Open rates.

Note: The system will automatically apply the filter to not include archived emails, if you would like to view this simply select the filter to show them.

Like the Deals section we have a few options to view with our rows and columns. For rows we can choose between From and Created by, and for our columns Emails Delivered, Click Rate, or Open Rate.

Clicking into any of the numbers listed in the columns will bring us to the Table View of the email campaigns, again showing us some additional filters for the Dimension (row) and the Metrics (column).

The last section we can utilize the Summary View will be the Scorecards section which we can review in this article

From any of these sections we can export the data we are seeing in the Summary View. This export will contain just the numbers reflected within the columns.

Still need help? Reach out to us via the on-screen icon or email us at support@cannabiz.media.

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