When utilizing the Cannabiz Media License Database you might need to select multiple records at a time en mass. You can utilize the Select All tool within the Licenses, Companies, or Contacts section.

Note: The bulk features are only available to the Account Owner and Account Managers on the account.

When you click in this box it will select all of the records currently in your view. Once clicked, the select box next to each record will be indicated.

There is also a small button you can utilize next to the Select All box.

Here you have a few different options choose from. The default option is the 'All' but you can choose to only select what's visible or the First 100, 200, 400, or 1,000 (assuming the list of records is at least those lengths).

You can then tag the records that you have selected by simply clicking the Tag button. This will create a pop up where you can apply an existing tag (or tags) by checking the box next to the tag. you can also create a new tag from this pop up. Simply type in your new tag name and then make sure to check the box next to your newly created tag.

In this example, the first 100 are chosen for my new tag. You can see here the original list of 1,271 records is still showing, but the 'Demo Bulk Tag' is only showing on 100 of the records.

Separating A List Using The Tagging system

Combining the select all options with our tagging system can be utilized for a number of things within the database.

  • Separating out a list of records for email subject line A/B testing

  • Combining the records from multiple lists onto a single tag for a recipient list

  • Segmenting your list into smaller groups to assign to the appropriate representative(s).

    Here I'm going to go through an example of breaking a list of 1,000 records into two tags, tag A and tag B, each with 500 records on each tag.

    Note: You can follow these steps with a list of records within your account! Tags are easy to remove, manage, and do not affect your list quota. See this article for more information on the Tagging system.

    For the first step, select 400 records on the list.

You will then create our first new tag, Testing Tag A, make sure when you create it you also check the box to add it as well!

After you apply the tag and click continue it will ask you to make a note on the changes you are making, this is purely for your records and can be reviewed in the bulk updates section. You can read about that there, Reviewing Past Imports and Bulk Updates.

Once the system finishes processing the update you will see this pop up advising it's complete.

You can also verify everything went through correctly by looking at your filters. Here, the Testing Tag A now shows 400 people matching that tag on the list.

The next step is going to be excluding the records you have already tagged from your list view. If you hold down your left click it will turn red instead of green, this is excluding these records with the first tag from your view.

Once they have been excluded, use the select all function and choose another 100 records and add them to Testing Tag A. Since you've already created the tag you can type it in to find it, or simply scroll through your tags.

The system will automatically update your record view to include the next 100 you tag, you'll see this message in the top right advising you of this while your bulk tagging completes.

Note: If the data doesn't reflect the correct numbers after it completes you may need to refresh your page.

Now that you have your first tag completed, you are going to repeat the process for Testing Tag B. Leaving the first tag marked as excluded you can now select all of the records and tag all of the remaining 500 at once.

Once this completes you can remove your exclusion from the filters and verify that you have 500 on each of your Testing Tag A and Testing Tag B! You can utilize these tags in your email recipient list for A/B Testing or segmenting your lists.

If you need additional information on utilizing the filters please see this article; Understanding the Filters

Still need help? Reach out to us via the on-screen icon or email us at support@cannabiz.media.

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