The M&A section helps you identify the current deals happening among cannabis and hemp license holders. Simply click "M&A" on the left of the screen to navigate to that section.

Once you are in the M&A section you can see the current deals as well as change the data by using the filters on the left side. You can pick filters for what stage a deal is currently in, who is acquiring companies and licenses and even isolate targeted licenses.

Maybe you want to know who the current advisor is for a M&A, you can easily isolate them based on the buyer or seller.

Another step you can take is actually looking at the M&A deal in detail by clicking "See full M&A details" under the target record.

From here you can view an overview of the deal as well as see the facilities in question and a map of their locations by using the tabs.

You can use the filter on the top of the chart or map to isolate just the "Acquirer", "Targets" or "Combined" to see both entities locations.

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