The M&A simulation is a feature that lets you mimic your own M&A deals. This is great for testing and seeing potential market penetration.

To start, click on the "Companies" section in the navigation.

Next you want to click on the "Three little dots" on the right hand side of the company you pick.

This will bring you to the setup screen for the M&A simulation, from here you search for the companies or licenses you want to use in the simulation using the dropdown menu.

Click "Run simulation". Once the simulation runs you will be able to interact with the data by navigating the tabs on screen.

Overview will show you the main data points such as the targets involved as well as the full facility count and a map with facility locations listed.

You can open the large interactive map by clicking the "Map" tab on the top.

You can also just pull the facilities list by clicking the "Facilities" tab on the top. This will also allow you to open a license listed by clicking the green name of the license.

If you want to save the simulation to open at a later date, bookmark the page in your browser and you can re-open this simulation whenever. The simulation will update in real time based on company data. You can also change the parties used for the simulation and start a new simulation by clicking the buttons in the purple box on the top.

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