Across the covered states we always include state issued data when it is available. However, only a few states make this kind of information readily available. For many states, there is no easy access to information about License holders without issuing requests directly to the state, a process which can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

The license holder and license issuer both have a strong incentive to keep this state available information up-to-date, so this is always our first source of data. We then rely on our various industry partners, internal research team, and customers like you to help us improve this data.

For each license we track there are sixty fields of data that are gathered or generated for each record.  States like Oregon only provide the name of the licensee, license # and license type so the research team has to scour many other sources to supplement what the states provide.  This can include local zoning board agendas and minutes; chamber of commerce membership lists as well as municipal license listings.

If you have found information that you think we should include in the database, drop us a note at

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