Did you forget your password? Do you just want to change it from the random string that was created when you set up your account?

In both scenarios, all you need to do is go to app.cannabiz.media, log out if you're already logged in, and click on "Don't remember your password?":

Don't see this screen? If you just logged out you might need to fist click "Not your account?"

After you click on "Don't remember your password?" You can enter your email address to issue a password reset:

You should get an email within a few minutes with a link to change your password.

If you don't have access to your email anymore, please contact us by emailing support@cannabiz.media, or contact us through the help icon on this page. We may require additional verification of your identity to change or update your account, so please be ready to accept a phone call from one of our support engineers.

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