Email marketing is a necessity in today’s world. People receive dozens if not hundreds of emails per day, so how do you make yours break through the clutter? Here are a few quick tips to help your emails perform their best. 

  1. Get personal. Target your emails toward smaller segments and serve their specific needs. And try using Merge Tags which allows you to personalize the name and state of your email recipients. 
  2. Tap into social trends and current events. The more relevant and “now” your email is, the better. 
  3. Use buttons. Case studies show a 28% improvement in response rates when including buttons rather than simple text links. 
  4. Include clear and actionable next steps for your readers to follow. The 1-2-3 rule is a good one to fall back on. Lay out three simple steps in the form of a list for what they should do next. 
  5. Follow the inverted pyramid model to funnel readers from inbox to click-through.

When sending bulk emails your messages can sometimes get caught by spam filters if you are not careful. Here are a few quick tips to help your messages safely arrive in inboxes instead of junk boxes. 

  1. Be consistent with email distributions. Send campaigns on the same day per week, consistently from week to week.
  2. Balance the use of text with images. Spam filters are sometimes set to flag messages that are comprised of one large image.
  3. Include a legitimate physical address in the footer of your email. 
  4. Avoid “spammy” words and phrases such as: “Free”, “Dear”, “Call now”, “Save up to”.
  5. Keep subject lines short, and free of ALL CAPS and special characters such a emojis. 
  6. Don't overuse gimmicky creative such a gifs.
  7. Provide a clear opportunity to opt out. 

Not sure which email provider to use? Check out our blog post, The Trouble with Email Marketing for Marijuana Businesses, which breaks down the acceptable use policies for various email providers helping you to further navigate the world of cannabis email marketing.

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