When you click a link within the Cannabiz Database to email a list or individual record your email program should open up to let you compose a new email message. Continue reading to learn about changing your email handling program and using web-based services like Gmail and Yahoo.

In some cases you may see a blank white screen after clicking an email link. If your email program opened up to compose the message, this blank white screen in your web browser can safely be closed. Otherwise it is likely that your computer is not yet configured to send email; continue reading to discover the best solution.

How do I send with desktop email software like Outlook?

In most cases when you set up an email address on your computer or install new email software it will allow you to set it as the default. Follow the instructions below to make changes to that preference.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Search for "default email" in your desktop toolbar 
  2. Click "Choose a default email app"
  3. Click "Choose a default" under "Email" then select your preferred software


  1. Open the built-in Mail app (even if this is not your preferred email app)
  2. From the Mail menu, choose Preferences
  3. On the "General" tab, choose your email app from the "Default email reader" dropdown

Note: If you use a web-based email service like Gmail or Yahoo, you may wish to set the default email reader to your web browser. The web browser will need to be configured to handle email links; continue reading below.

How do I send with web-based email services like Gmail or Yahoo?

Each web browser has a different way to specify how mail composition links should be handled.

Google Chrome

Visit your webmail inbox (e.g. gmail.com) in Google Chrome.

Click the conjoined boxes icon that appears in the right corner of the address bar. This will only display while viewing your inbox; it will not appear on other web sites.

Allow the web site to open email links.

If the icon does not appear, type chrome://settings/handlers into the address bar then enable email handlers or remove an existing association.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer and Edge will use the system default email composer; see the desktop email setup instructions above. If you use a web-based email service like Gmail or Yahoo you may have a better experience with Google Chrome browser. Both Google and Yahoo provide downloadable browser toolbars for Internet Explorer that offer the option to compose new messages directly in Internet Explorer.


Open Firefox preferences to the Applications tab. Type mailto in the search box then select your preferred web-based email service. 

Firefox also offers the option to ask which provider to use each time you click a mailto link, in the event that you use multiple email providers for different tasks.


Safari does not provide options for handling mailto links and will instead use the system default email composer; see the desktop email setup instructions above then select Chrome or Firefox as your email handler. There is a "Mailto" browser extension for composing emails with web-based email services in Safari but we cannot recommend it as it is quite old and not maintained.

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