Each state/province has different terminology for the different stages that a Marijuana License can have. In an effort to help normalize these statuses Cannabiz Media has come up with the following stages that a license can go through:

Applied: This means the application has been submitted, but has not yet been approved, issued, or perhaps even reviewed by the governing body. For example, Ohio had 185 Application submitted to the state, but they will only choose 24 of them. Those initial 185 are listed as "Applied", until a subset are chosen.

Pending: This status means the application is most likely going to be approved. In some cases, the License may have been Issued, but is not yet Active until a certain date.

Active: This means the License has been approved, issued, and the License holder is now allowed to perform the activities listed on the license (Grow, Produce, Distribute, Test, etc).

Denied: This means the license was reviewed and rejected. Licenses listed as Denied were never issued.

Inactive: This means the license was previously issued, but has now been removed, either due to expiration, surrender, or a suspension due to a violation.

California's 'Inactive' designation includes additional reasons such as licenses applied to/assigned in error, invalidated due to a change in ordinance, or actions filed against it such as compliance or enforcement issues.  

Unknown: Means that Cannabiz Media could not confirm that the business is operating within local permit laws. This may mean they are a grey-market business, or that they simply have not yet been approved for a local permit. This status also applies to businesses operating in an area the county or local city has indicated their activity is Banned.

Some states, such as Michigan, offer local permits to Marijuana companies, when the state does not have a full license process in place.

Permitted: Means there is an active, valid permit for the company. Although a business with a Permit is not necessarily a state-approved license, these license-holders are operating within local (city/county) laws.

Permit Applied: Means we found this business on a government list, but a permit has not yet been issued for them. They might have simply applied for a permit, or the permit might have been approved but they haven't yet received it.

Anything with either a "Permitted" or "Permit Applied" status is a local permit. Anything with an "Active", "Applied", or "Pending" status is a state-issued license.

The exact status that each state/province has for each license is searchable, and is displayed under each License in the full-detail record as well.

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